You’ve browsed the shop and seen the work. Some of you might wonder, what’s the story behind the work? For years, I have enjoyed exploring abandoned and forgotten buildings for the sheer level of blight, distress, texture, and being a unique form of beauty. Whether I explore city streets and find abandoned factories or other industrial buildings or cruise the ever so desolate backroads of anywhere USA for forgotten farmhouses, general stores, and the like, their past stories are told and I find subjects I like. I have gone on multiple day trips to explore, knowing nothing about the region before going. The thrill of the hunt is as sweet as the capture. Some of these forgotten treasures are featured in my books but I created this online gallery shop so that anyone could enjoy a print, canvas, or metal print hanging on their wall to spice up their decor. I want to share my work as much as possible, in the most lasting way. What better way than this?

abandoned post office

If abandoned and forgotten isn’t your cup of tea, while I disagree with you, haha; I also have street photography and travel photography from my non-abandoned adventures. It could be a random roadside discovery, a city street scene, or other vacation photography I found interesting enough to feature here.

East Tennessee backroads

One might be curious about the artistic nude work. I very selectively offer personal photoshoots for the public, though the work seen here are with freelance models. Most were for portfolio development at abandoned buildings, in random homes or motels, and a few in studio. The work I sell here is mainly bodyscape / abstract and a bit anonymous. I am open to selling to private collectors and collaborate with the model for a commissioned photoshoot. It’s about lines, curves, light, and composition.