Ding Ding

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This was a special find; a classic full service gas station in Marion County, Tennessee, closed since approximately the late 70’s. I made a dedicated trip back for this one photo because the position of the sun on that side of the building annoyed me on the first visit. Worth the effort.

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  • 8”x12” 1.5” deep canvas
  • 8”x12” metal
  • 12”x18” 1.5” deep canvas
  • 12”x18” metal
  • 20”x30” 1.5” deep canvas
  • 20”x30” metal
  • 24”x36” 1.5” deep canvas
  • 24”x36” metal
  • 5”x7” lustre print
  • 11”x17” lustre print
  • 20”x30” lustre print
  • 24”36” lustre print


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