In my previous article, I stated my preferences for printing and framing; or should I say lack of framing. I don’t want framed prints to go away, but I like a conversation piece that will also stand the test of time, which is why I like ready-to-hang options like metal prints and deeper canvases. One thing. Hang on the wall and have something beautiful and unique. No mounting, framing, matting, etc. Or glass in front of a beautiful printed work. I know that some love the depth of a frame to act as some kind of border, or perhaps to help coordinate with their decor. Well, the option to have framed metal prints is certainly an option. Though I am always happy to consult and advise in the process, at this time, I prefer to directly handle the framing process, as it involves a lot of personal choice and adds to shipping costs / procedures. I will show a video that illustrates this process and what framed metal prints look like. If you prefer this option, framing shops are able to do this, minus the glass and I can help locate one in your area once you receive your prints. You definitely want the radiant metal surface to be in the forefront. This beats glass in front of a print hands down.