Booking info

My biggest passions for intimate photography are using the shapes and lines of the body, with thoughtful composition and making it all work with the lighting, textures of the skin and backgrounds. I am best known for dramatic lighting with a nice moody balance of highlights and shadows, and nice light control. A well connected photo that tells a story. It captures body and soul, and showcases the unique beauty each subject has. I work with each unique body and face structure to create the most flattering angle and capture of the body. With my style, it’s less about the setting and furnishings, and more about the form and textures.

How to learn more-

I’d love to hear from you and learn about your desired photoshoot and what draws you to my work, and we can discuss / personalize the project. For the sake of a more productive conversation, I ask that no spouses or significant others contact me on your behalf, please. Please understand that I am not a boudoir studio, and am an artist hired for what I do best. I am open to collaboration if it fits us both, but I don’t do Pinterest ideas or recreate the work of others. Most us all, if it’s not fun and productive, why do it? 🙂

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