About My Story

I’m Jay Farrell, the mind and the madness behind Farrell Gallery. Welcome to the new reformulated version of the website. Farrell Gallery has been around since 2007, initially to showcase and promote my artistic nude photography services. Though I am still available for private commissioning for intimate work, the primary focus of the website has shifted towards being an online art gallery and print store.

Besides having classical education with photography, lighting, and the female form, I’m an explorer by nature. My photography passions are exploring America’s backroads and city streets; photographing abandoned and forgotten buildings. The blight, texture, patine, and the story left behind are the biggest sources of inspiration for me. In this quest, I have become a published author featuring books by state and region, showcasing my exploring / photography adventures.

It’s my dream to be able to make the work from my travels and adventures available to you, in form of beautiful lustre prints, 1.5” deep canvas prints, or other desired print medium. The subject material of texture rich abandoned buildings and other backroad surprises, and even artistic nude figure work provides different unique options to spice up your decor. Easy secure transaction through Square or PayPal, shipped to your door. For other product requests or questions, feel free to reach out. I’m also happy to share the stories about the works you’ve graciously invested in.

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