Zombie apocalypse in Kentucky

I got together with Sarah Jane, a muse and friend of mine, to do her senior portraits, and we decided to also do a styled, but dark artistic photoshoot. As we have before, and will do again, LOL. She is a talented theatrical and special effects makeup artist, so we combine that with my knowledge of long exposure photography to do a successful conceptual photoshoot. These were done at a cemetery in Bowling Green, just before sundown. We literally had maybe 30 minutes for her to throw makeup on, get her contacts in, tatter her dress, etc. and for me to get the tripod and camera ready, etc. Gates would be locked at sundown, but we made it 🙂


These were all captured with my Fuji XT-1 and zeiss 32 1.8 . This one was a 2 second shutter speed.


zombiezombie photo

I had her make a couple abrupt motions and stay still in each transition, 4 second shutter speed.


This may look like extensive post production, not really. My Photoshop skills are more skin and people repair and color / black and white work, far more so than background manipulation. I did no work to change the “ghosting of the subject” I simply played with highlights and shadows a little, played with colors, film grain in some, and used either or both a PSD texture background with scratches and another with a textured building with cracks in it. In which case, I add a layer and adjust opacity and add as a background layer. Just mainly to dirty it up and add a little background texture but not change the overall photo or subject matter. The Zombie apocalypse in Kentucky has come. 🙂





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