With or without a face?

Not one of those “To be or not to be” propositions, because everyone has a face. But when I create fine nude works of art, or implied nude, part of the draw is mystique and the unknown. Part of which the viewer is left with some imagination to accompany their gratification of the photograph. My particular approach is to utilize shadows and highlights as a way to create an interesting contrast with my nude photography. As well as more dramatic mood.

Sometimes, to showcase a certain area of the body, I will use bodyscapes which do not show the face or all of the body. The trick is to be careful in composition, so it doesn’t look like a body part is being lopped off (a detailed discussion for another article) and so that the focal point is it’s intended feature. So, really the answer is BOTH! lol. There is a place for her face for sure…..but when I don’t show it, it’s not because of butterface (nice body but her face needs help) but to draw the viewers’ eye elsewhere. Or sometimes I will cut off part of the face so the viewers’ eye goes to the dominant feature of the body or face I want it to. Examples. The top one, the viewers’ eye is on her jaw, and shoulders / collarbone area. The tendril of hair and soft lips create the mystery. The other focuses more on her shoulder blades than her face, but enough of her face shows the beauty of it, but if all of her face and top of her head was in the photo….the intended subject area wouldn’t have been as pronounced. Enjoy!

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