When a part of you is gone

Sometimes things happen in life that you least expect, even though you know all good things have a beginning and an end. While enjoying a perfectly moderate Spring day before the disgusting humidity and excessive heat starts, I got some shocking news from my Mom in an email. That my favorite pizza parlor / tavern in New York that I’ve enjoyed for my whole life, is closing soon. The former Inn was built over 100 years ago and it’s been a tavern and pizza joint for nearly 60 years.

It’s in a small village outside the city, where it’s almost the land that time forgot. I’ve been in Nashville for 25 years, and that village has changed very minimally since then. I bet citizens shit themselves when they built a roundabout at one jokingly busy intersection. It’s always funny and comforting to visit when I go back. Funny that the whole village has changed so little, I think people like it for what it is. And comforting for the same reason. Community staples, like this tavern don’t come and go. If you leave Nashville for even a few months, you won’t recognize some of it when you come back. So it’s a nice contrast.

I think this leaves a huge void in the community. There are so few places where town workers can go for lunch. Or families / bar patrons for dinner or after work cocktail. Many generations. This isn’t just a brick and mortar business I like that is closing their doors. This is a place that’s always been there for me and I’ve been there with my parents, grandparents, friends, some who have passed on. I feel sad and angry at the same time, but understand it was time for these owners to move on with life. Over the years, nothing changed, the inside looked the same. The outside looked the same. The pizza tasted the same, homemade crust and sauce. Knowing I won’t taste this amazing pizza again is the reality that is hitting me right now. When a part of you is gone, this is how you feel. To boot, it’s going to be another Stewart’s shop. There’s already one less than a Goddamn mile away…and there is a gas station RIGHT next door. I will never forget the taste or the feel of the landmark. This is a lifetime of memories for me. One time a couple years back, I brought my twin lens Yashica medium format with me. This too will soon be a memory.

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