Valentines sexy boudoir photoshoot!

One of my recent boudoir photography sessions in my studio I am sharing in part here 🙂 My client was doing this for her husband as a valentines day gift…she wanted some lingerie  / boudoir photographs and some elegant implied nude. But understandably, she has to be mindful of what surfaces because of her emerging career. And commonly as I perform these photoshoots, many clients want to keep part or all of it private, between them and their significant other, which means nothing gets used on this site or blog without clearing it with them. Which is what I did here 🙂

Before showing up at my studio, she had her hair and makeup done by a stylist I know, and she picked up some lingerie and bra and panty sets at Hustler Hollywood Nashville, adult novelty and lingerie store . She was a little nervous, understandably, so I worked with her on her form, and tried to help put her mind in a scenario where there was an un distracted and mysterious outing with her husband, and his anticipation of this wonderful gift. Her friend was present to help offer moral support, and was not a talkative distraction which is key. As we rolled along, we were having fun and laughing and the shoot was cruising along. The key for successful results for any boudoir or nude / intimate photographer is to establish trust and comfort with the subject, don’t make them feel more vulnerable, and help build their confidence. Communication, respect, and fun. Part of that is not truncating their body and using flattering angles, etc. Hope you enjoy! Here is a snippet of what this lucky man received 🙂

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