Upcoming site changes!

Yes! I am excited to announce some upcoming changes to the Farrell Gallery site! It will look pretty much the same, but the header is being redesigned to better look the part of an intimate photographic artist. It will be all WordPress for easier SEO changes for me to make, and I can reach more audience…and of course save them from bad boudoir photography 🙂 The menu buttons will be easier to find, especially on mobile devices, I am committed to creating a good user experience for desktop and mobile visitors. Navigating through photographs will be easier with a next arrow or flick with the fingers on tablets and smart phones. The current gallery program has a next button that isn’t super easy to find for mobile users, so this will allow visitors to enjoy their stay longer, and enjoy some nice artistic nude photography and boudoir / implied nude photography!

I’m considering eliminating my personal collection of travel photos or art or stock photos….and keep that on Pinterest and social media. That way I stick with what people hire me for, and it’s more on point. Stay tuned, will announce when the new changes are live 🙂 Also, I am working on studio sample albums from boudoir or nude shoots, with model or client approval of course. Great way to discreetly tell the story and showcase the intimacy of the photos.



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