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I have to be honest and say I miss walking around photography art galleries and seeing beautiful large prints on display. I also have enjoyed showing some of my work at local shows. It became daunting with the printing and expense and care involved, if it wasn’t going to be profitable. I wasn’t giving them away, which sadly is happening a lot these days. I’m still waiting for the right show that’s less about the wine and more about the art. I’ll do it again. I love printing and seeing work in print form, it’s so much richer. I’ve seen gallery work with titles below it. It can add to the experience and see the work from the creator’s point of view, whether an art or photography art gallery showing.

It seems a little different when viewing work online when titles or captions of work are used. Even in gallery showings, I seldom titled work. That’s just me. Maybe putting words to it aren’t my strong suit. The fine art nude photography and boudoir groups I belong to online, I see titles and captions used sometimes and often times I think it seems like seeking validation that their vision are what the viewers are seeing. I don’t understand the need to convince others of what you were saying with an image. I’m not saying this as a black and white case, this is just me.

My conceptual work and concept nudes, I like the viewer to look at it and think about it, and form their own interpretation. Theirs may be miles apart from the vision I had, other times it’s more obvious. I am inspired by how others see my work, so putting a title on it could limit that creative flow. Personally, I don’t spoon feed. I like the viewer to decide what they see, often they see it for what it is, but it’s cool when people dig deeper. I like those challenges. When work of others inspires me, I do the same thing. I think sharpening our minds and using our imagination is a healthy thing. My 2 cents.

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