The unincorporated town

After about a half hour of cruising back roads off the highway with my 2 friends, we reached the unincorporated town that was our destination. Where? You don’t need to know, you’re welcome. But you could put the pieces together with a little research. The difference between those who ask and us, we look and we find. If not there, somewhere else. That’s what it takes to find these places. Plus, sometimes getting away from city life as we know it is healing and reduces stress. Here is the first thing we discovered upon our arrival. Isn’t this so cute? This post office is open two hours a day LOL!

small town post office

We didn’t find as many abandoned buildings as we had hoped, but did find several vehicles that were interesting to photograph! Distress is distress, the destruction has character that only few understand!!

abandoned truck tanker

Years ago when the town had functional coal mines, this brick structure was a bank vault for it’s money. How cool!

abandoned tennessee

Tar leaked from this tanker and pretty much solidified.

tanker tanker

Next we arrive at the only store in town. It was interesting to meet the shopkeeper and a couple locals, gather a little intel. What a cool find, this is Americana! Randall, the shopkeeper was eager to tell us some town history and show us his collectibles. Usually I’m a bit of a lone wolf when exploring these abandoned locations, but exploring a rural area is best in numbers. Plus having a contact or two locally never hurts, as you never know if you’ll be well received if discovered. We’ve made a friend here!

Tays grocery tays grocery

Such a perfect part of the stereotype of a small rural store, the hound dog laying on the front porch, LOL!!


We went to this old cemetery and looked for abandoned houses in the woods and back roads, no luck. But enjoyed the recon!

old cemetery

We did find this abandoned RV at the bottom of this ravine. We soon met a local who was buying the land, once he saw what we were doing, he was fine with it. His name was Daniel and was very accommodating and thought it was cool that we take an interest in the town.

abandoned RV abandoned RV

abandoned school bus

Next, we stumbled upon an old school bus that’s probably been sitting there for decades, as a pack of 7 dogs looked on from across the road.

abandoned school bus abandoned school bus abandoned school bus abandoned school bus

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos from the unincorporated town, and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned. Daniel gave us intel on a house, that we initially noticed when in the area before but were eager to keep exploring. I’m glad we came back to it!


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