A little help here? :)

I met with a really awesome lady, mid to late thirties, about doing an artistic implied nude and lingerie photo session, and discussed how the process works, ideas, etc. Interesting timing I write this article, after the last one about my Photoshop point of view. She’s a single mom and didn’t date for 2 years after leaving an unfavorable marriage….now she is with someone new who appreciates her and treats her well, and loves her son. Good for her! So she wants to do these photos to surprise him and to have them. 😀

She talked about her healing and intellectual / spiritual growth process during that time in between,and got acclimated to single parenthood…which she embraced and accepted the responsibility, but at times she thought to herself “Um, a little help here please?” I think that is something we can all relate to, married or single, kids or no kids. Sometimes life throws challenges at us that we just have to persevere and conquer. Her concern, although in good physical shape, was just needing “a little help” in Photoshop in a couple areas, without looking fake or unnatural. I told her, help has arrived, I got you covered. 😀 I’m excited about our appointment, as well as what the future holds for her and her family….she deserves the best, and has earned it.