Long exposure conceptual photoshoot

I needed a day to just unplug and do something fun, explore and go somewhere I’ve never been before. I called a model friend of mine and asked her if she wanted to do something bizarre, involving a creepy mask I found, with long exposure photography. I went to Kentucky and we went to an abandoned hospital and I really loved it. I explained to her how to move and pause, in the sequence of doing shutter drag photography. There’s definitely patience and science involved in completing this task successfully. With these I used a 10 second shutter and a variable neutral density filter so that the image wouldn’t be overexposed.

I have no idea what inspired this particular mask and concept. I just wanted to use it and do something creative to help my creative soul. These things are necessary to translate to my fine art nude and boudoir work, when I can invent a concept, I can think faster when on the job and use that creativity to my advantage….as well as to benefit my clients.

Long exposure shutter drag


bizarre fine art photography

Long exposure shutter drag