Avoiding unflattering angles

A common misconception of nude or intimate photography is it’s a gravy train and that the subjects always feel beautiful. Anyone learning the craft are well suited to work with experienced models who can teach them about posing and capturing each person’s flattering angle….all before marketing themselves to the public. Little details suchas avoiding one twist or turn that could make the image unflattering. An experienced nude model knows this, and is ok with herself. But the every day woman doing an intimate shoot can be more self conscious and should have a photographer who understands this.

Examples of potential trouble areas, when twisting, it can leave creases in the skin. That’s natural, skin moves. LOL. But stretching the body and a simple twist can eliminate that or make it much less pronounced to where it’s sexy and not unflattering. When proofing the images with the client, it makes a huge difference in their level of happiness with not only my services, but happiness with themselves. The less I have to Photoshop on them, the better they feel. Of course I make needed repairs, but the shorter the list, the better they generally feel. Plus it saves me retouch time.

Curving the lower back / spine, pronouncing the jawline, making the butt full, and avoiding straight on side angle for a laying down subject are good tricks for nude photography. Especially for shorter subjects, even if they are slender, that angle can make the side of their legs look more bulky and this is something that can make a woman self conscious. It helps to have a basic understanding of women, not just know how to compose a photo and create lighting. The pose may be more twisty and uncomfortable, but it avoids revealing (or creating) problem areas, which would be a failure. The whole purpose is not only to make art, but to make the client feel good about herself….and the recipient of the gift see her in a whole new light. 😀

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