Overcoming nervousness

It’s very common that women who aren’t used to being photographed nude or implied nude, in lingerie, or even traditional boudoir, can be uncomfortable or nervous at the thought of it. Nude models it becomes second nature if they have any future in that genre of modeling. But every day women doing this as a special gift or for a special occasion, those nerves and that courage sometimes has to develop….it’s perfectly normal. In fact if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d be nervous too, regardless of how many nude women I’ve photographed behind the camera. I will make some suggestions about how to get past it, at least enough to do the photoshoot and be able to work well with your photographer and love the results.

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The next step is to identify what type of nervousness you have….

-We are all overly critical of our own bodies. If we wait for everything to be perfect before we do anything in life, it will never get done. If you have a fitness goal, set a goal and a date, and stick to it.

-If it’s because you aren’t sure how to pose, this is where your photographer comes in. Any boudoir or art nude photographer worth their salt knows angles to use and avoid, as well as poses as pertaining to different body types. As well as features to accentuate. Practice in the mirror and get used to the idea of moving and exploring different angles, all before the shoot.

-If the experience makes you nervous, identify whether it’s being nude or almost nude in front of a stranger, or if it’s self consciousness. Talk to your photographer about this. If I’m that photographer and you’re in Nashville, I’m always happy to do this….it takes a team to produce a successful result, and I need my clients to be at ease and enjoy the session. I completely understand you feel vulnerable, I want you to be comfortable and safe. I’ve done many of these shoots for 10 years now, it’s a job for me. I’ve had many clients tell me they loved the experience, they felt comfortable and didn’t even feel “naked”. That’s wonderful to hear, and that’s how it should be, that can only happen through experience.

If you still have questions, you may find it easier to meet your photographer first and set a game plan, view their work. If that doesn’t put you more at ease, either you shouldn’t do the project at all, or you have the wrong photographer. I’m always happy to go that extra mile if necessary. Personally, if they still have doubts about their comfort or safety by that point I may decline the shoot. The results would tell it, especially if they have mean world syndrome, lol. Many women can do this and love it. I’ve never had one regret it, but I have met a few whom it wasn’t for them, they knew and stayed true to their limitations, and I stayed true to mine.

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