Life after people and one nude lady remains

This is the other part of the last shoot at the abandoned house, down the hill and off to the side was a rickety shed / mini barn and a gutted trailer home. Between those falling structures and the overgrown weeds and foliage, it made for the perfect canvas for some beautiful outdoor artistic nude photography with my model. With the dilapidated structures and overgrowth it made me think of a life after people concept. There was no sign of life around there, even tossed bottles. It looks as though that place had not been touched in years.

It could almost be like there was one survivor in the world after the big disaster that wiped out the population, she emerged from the depths and cleaned herself up, and is trying to assess damage and rebuild civilization…and feels a little peace when she sees at least something familiar stands. Or maybe she is just a fluid and well posed graceful nude model adding a touch of beauty to a troubled and neglected location. Like a diamond in the rough. Here are the photos, be inspired and conceptualize how you see fit 🙂

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