Interpretations of boudoir photography

To summarize the meaning, it’s a French verb for changing room, boutique, bedroom setting where women got ready in their dresses, lingerie, etc. to feel beautiful, glamourous, and sexy. Inspired by the Renaissance era and it’s furniture. There are several photographers in the Nashville area specializing in boudoir photography and have furniture setups in their studio. Their version of boudoir is more traditional in the sense the subjects can be wearing dresses or lingerie but seldom more nude than that. Definitely a good market for this, but how do I stand out from the already formed studio rooms and makeup, outfits, etc.? I offer my own style that appeals more to the artsy taste of clients as opposed to glamour and tradition.

I like chicken, but lots of chicken restaurants around…..I prefer spicy chicken, so this is what makes me stand out with few competitors in my realm in my area. I believe in spicing up the mood and photography, through lighting and overall tone. My style is mystique, dramatic lighting, and focusing on the woman’s face, body shape, and individual regions of the body, in an artistic and tasteful style….and less about accessorizing. Less about the setting. More about the subject, that’s where where I can stand alone for glamorous female photography, implied nude photography, and artistic nude photography, right here in Nashville. The best compliment I can receive is customers coming from 100 plus miles away to have me photograph them for their milestone in life….new marriage, anniversary, a memoir for the overseas military husband, etc. That and when they tell me they feel comfortable working with me and don’t feel “naked” . It’s my job to be good at what I do, know and use flattering angles, and make it fun and comfortable to work with me. My version of boudoir is the spicy variety, even for clothed subjects which are always welcome too.

Nashville boudoir photography