Welcome to the new Farrell Gallery blog!

Hi and welcome to the new FarrellGallery blog! Please allow me to address some FAQ’s and make an introduction, please feel free to subscribe and add comments or thoughts to this blog and any articles posted.

Who the seabiscuits am I?

Good question. I am a Nashville, TN. based freelance photographer with original background in street photography and fine art / figure study. My name is Jay Farrell, I am also known for photographing weddings, headshots, and portraiture in Nashville, and I use my journalistic roots to do so. However, in recent years, I felt it necessary to separate the intimate / nude work from the more mainstream body of work. The reasons were really simple. Many of my clients know I shoot fine art nude work, but not having it on the same site as weddings, where some clients have more conservative views and beliefs, it’s not being forced down their throats. As my demand increased for weddings and portrait work, I felt my nude work needed separation for that reason, and also so my work was less spread out and more concentrated. This way, when Farrell Gallery was created, it gave my intimate work the undivided attention is deserved, and it looks less random than to be thrown into the same site as work of other genres. I did this about 5 years ago. But only this year had my Farrell Gallery site re launched. I had the domain re routed to a P Base account for a while, until I found the right designer. So, now I’m trying to get Farrell Gallery out there again and keep it separate from my other work. No, I am not ashamed of any of my work, and never deny doing anything, my life is an open book. But again, the need for separation.

What my work’s vision is-

Long topic, but I will give the summary. My mission is to capture the female body in it’s natural and beautiful form, and create the natural and pure desire in photos. I like to use every line and curve of the body, with perfect balance of light and shadows, to create that desire your eyes don’t even always see in real life. My work isn’t about glamour or tease, it’s about love and appreciation of the female form, captured in a soft and inviting way. Desire. Bringing out detail uninterrupted. I do not rely on props or furniture to complete my work. I use light and textures whether shot in my studio, or on location. If things are there to use, great. I love a nice balance of lighting contrast, and for skin textures to remain. I use Photoshop to fix certain flaws, sure. But I do not leave a trace or use those tacky and disgusting blur or smoothing filters to do it. Natural and real. Unabashed.

What occasions are your sessions used for?-

Most sessions are nude, some are lingerie. Nude is better in my eyes because the body lines are uninterrupted, but I also understand some subjects preferring to leave some element of mystery. Either way, I guarantee comfort and discretion. That is why these intimate shoots should not be left to an inexperienced photographer. Nothing is more emotionally damaging than an unflattering photo of a vulnerable subject, or lack of discretion.

Most of these sessions are either a keepsake, because no body stays the same forever. If it’s not captured, it’s lost. Or a gift for a significant other or spouse. Many have trusted me to put together some beautiful prints for their husbands and boyfriends overseas in the military. There are also engagement surprises, anniversary and birthday, and holiday gifts. This is a gift that keeps him thinking about you all the time, and a gift that there is no price tag on it’s value. Sometimes specific storylines are used to custom tailor for the needs of the client.

What products are offered besides a disc of the selected photos?

I offer award winning prints, and am known for black and white work as well. Heavyweight archival grade paper is used, my favorite finished are matte and photo rag, as well as lustre. Custom design books also available. Gallery wraps and mixed media also available. Thanks for visiting, please inquire with any questions about any of my services or to ask about a shoot for you or someone you know.

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