Intimate capture of the face

I enjoy some mystique in my fine art photography, and perhaps not enough attention goes to the woman’s face. The implication of vulnerability and nudity, but seeing the features of her face are a special combination. Fine art headshots are different from commercial or modeling headshots because they capture features and mood and are not meant to be used for any corporate or practical purpose except to accentuate beauty. The beauty of the woman. Simple. Unabashed. Intimate. Mysterious.

The setting could be in a dark room with a narrow passage of light from another room where you see this moment come to life. It could be at daybreak, where the room is still mostly dark, but the window light illuminates her face and creates a nice brush light on her shoulder blades or collar bone. And you see her in a different light than you usually see her in. It’s moments like that, where the beauty draws you in and it spiritually fills you.

This was created in my studio with 2 monolights using spot grids, to control the light and encourage shadow play. The simplicity brings out her facial features and the mood and expression, soft hair and skin, and mood the lighting creates makes it as a photo, whole.

intimate photography nashville