Does the gender of your photographer matter?

When it comes to choosing a photographer for your nude / implied nude, or other intimate photography needs, does it matter if the photographer is male or female? It’s a common thought amongst first time intimate photography clients, and newer models pursuing a nude portfolio. I specify new, because once they gain some experience and have a more discerning eye, they realize that gender has zip, nada, zilch, zero, nothing to do with the qualification of the photographer. So, there’s your answer, a big fat no. LOL. I will elaborate more in detail. Although I can understand the initial thought and the comfort level some subjects may have. Think about this….are female dentists better than male dentists? Or male chefs better than female chefs? Impossible to come up with an answer since it’s a blanket comparison and generalization. The truth is, there are good and bad in every field, either gender, any race, etc. Photography is no different. And photographing the nude body or any well done sexy photoshoot narrows the list.

Sure, a woman photographer who is skilled with nude / intimate photography knows the female body by photographing it, but not as much because she knows her own body, unless she photographs herself. A woman photographer who is not experienced with that type of photography can butcher it as bad as a male photographer who is poor at it. There are men and women photographers alike who are great at what they do, and some not so good. So, a woman knowing what it’s like to have the same body, and knowing exactly how a woman thinks and feels can provide an advantage. BUT….the score can be evened, because as a man, I also know what men find sexy and appealing about the female body, know how to create intimate moods as well, etc, and know and appreciate the female body well. So it boils down to the customer’s preference of any given photographer’s style and skill set. Gender should not matter. You can tell by viewing their work and talking to them how they respect the female body and capture it in a flattering way, and respect people as a whole. That is what matters most. Some women feel more comfortable nude in front of another woman. But remember, it’s a job. We’re not there to ogle over nudity. Like a doctor, it’s a job. It boils down to preference of work and personality, and who can complete your vision best. Hope this helps 🙂

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