Angles are important with nude subjects especially!

Just as it is important to select the right angle and lens combination for headshots, to accommodate different facial structures and shapes, etc. A nude subject is very telling and it’s critical to find the most flattering angles. It’s my job as a seasoned fine art / figure study photographer to know this, and avoid the mistakes of catching a subject with an unflattering angle and ruin her self esteem. Here are just three things I can do to maximize the best capture of each unique subject.

Bend and stretch body / midsection-

Extra stretching and position of hands and shoulders, elbows, etc, can lengthen the body and reduce the folds and creases in the skin. Skin moves, that’s just life, but why put pounds on my subject?

Shorter subjects-

I avoid shooting downwards with standing subjects, especially when shorter and curvy. It makes them look short and dumpy, makes their head bigger, and torso and legs almost disappear. Shooting slightly upward can lengthen their body, especially when stretched. Sucking in and breathing is also a good technique. It’s not always comfortable but for the love of the photo, we all go to great lengths to attain the goal, right?

Thicker thighs or flatter butts-

I try to avoid direct side angle shooting given this scenario, and in turn avoid capturing the mass of their leg and thigh. Also, an apple box is helpful for them to place their foot on, about as high as a phone book. It creates extra shape in the butt area and tightens the quadricep area, and body slightly turned, bingo!

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