Enhancing the butt / fullness

I’ve had clients say, oh my husband / boyfriend is an ass man but I hate my butt because it isn’t as shapely as I want it to be, etc. Well, there are some tricks to enhance that. There are wooden apple boxes used for that purpose, slightly higher than a phone book. The subject stands and places the foot closest to the camera up on that apple box and tip toes some, and that adds a nice little extra curve to her butt. Also, shooting from a slightly lower angle emphasizes the shape of the butt better. As always, arching the lower back and sucking the stomach in really helps the overall flattery of the photo 🙂

When laying a subject on her stomach, arching her lower back and tightening butt muscles puffs it up as well….and again, avoiding shooting “down” on the butt really helps bring out a flattering shape. I really love using some shadowing to help the shaping, especially with some brush light on the hip / cheek it becomes a work in progress. Even sitting in a chair backwards, and scooting the butt backwards, and arching the back, leaning chest forward also helps shape the butt better. No need to go super extreme. It really is the little things that make simple and elegant nude / intimate photography that much better.

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