Explaining my conceptual work

Many artists are storytellers. I used to work with one master fine art photographer in particular who told me that a story is only as good as the storyteller….that really stuck with me. My conceptual gallery on this site is the one that tells the most story in the photos. Many people seem to enjoy that particular gallery, but it can be misunderstood by some too. That’s ok, I’m not looking to change that, I’ll tell you why. My fine art nude gallery is about flattering the subjects the most, and bringing out their beauty….and setting a mood with the angle, composition, and use of light. This is geared towards most clients who would hire me to photograph their intimates or nudes.

My conceptual gallery is not all about flattering the subject, or about beauty. It’s about telling a story, sometimes a mix of beauty and darkness….sometimes troubling. No rhyme or reason. Just different inspirations about real life issues, or a concept or fantasy / illustration I wanted to bring to reality in form of a photo. Everyone has a different idea about how they think a story in art or a photo should be told. I’ve always been an abstract art enthusiast. I like to try to form my own interpretation to see if there’s a meaning. It’s not always spelled out by the artist.

I’ve had a few people suggest, why not place a caption above the work so people know what you want to say with those photos? Some people do that. I will probably never be one of those. I don’t believe in promoting laziness. Or having to spoon feed people. I’d rather see a smaller percentage of people “get it” because they took time to study it, rather than shrinkwrap it. Some may have a slightly different interpretation, why ruin it for them? Sometimes not everything has a distinct meaning, other times the creator had a specific theme in mind. Sometimes, whether my work or someone else’s, the story is more self explanatory….other times you have to look for it. What fun is it without a challenge? I use real life experiences and emotions to fuel these works, sometimes that’s the best reason for it.

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