Is a boudoir shoot for me?

The age old question…. Is a boudoir shoot for me? I’ve seen some of these discussions online, particularly in wedding forums, many are curious and intrigued that their friends have done it. Tossing the scenarios around in their own mind…..morality, comfort, what will the significant other or spouse think when he / she gets that gift, what if someone sees it, this photographer will see me half naked. Let’s talk about that.

An experienced photographer who does boudoir or nude/ intimate work knows the body, and seeing yours does nothing for us. – As a follow up from last article, about hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer, hiring the right one is supposed to give you a comfortable experience, not the other way around. If you’re curious, browse your favorite photographers, analyze what you feel are their strengths that are most compatible with your favorite work and vision, and get to know their process. As well as who you feel comfortable with and knows how to work with your unique body type. Skill is better than pillow arrangement. Most of us know some of you are on the fence, or are afraid of the shoot feeling awkward. We know this isn’t for everyone, and it would be counter productive for us to try to talk an unwilling participant into doing something they don’t feel good about. You just have to be honest with yourself as to the reasons you have those feelings.

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If you’ve done your research and still think it’s “dirty” or something you’d feel ashamed of if someone else found out, maybe it’s not for you. –ย  Or perhaps consider that we live in a society, particularly in the U.S. that can be shallow and judgmental, many philistines. There is nothing wrong with nude art and certainly not boudoir work. For the most part, you should think of it as something between you and your significant other or spouse. Obviously, you don’t want huge wall prints of your nude butt or chest in lingerie hanging on your wall. That’s why most of my private clients buy albums, it’s a timeless and discreet way to present the gift. And consider the fact that it’s the time in your life frozen in time. This is something you have to know for yourself.


Atlanta boudoir photoshoot

I’ve worked with Angela for nearly a decade as a muse as well as photographed portfolio material for her modeling and music. She lives in Atlanta, I live in Nashville, so every so often we get together and make the photo magic happen. This time, we started off with a boudoir photoshoot including some implied nude. Later I will share the glitter paint she did on her face, those are spectacular! One great thing about our friendship and model / photographer relationship, we know boundaries, how to have fun and be creative, and never waste each others’ time. Oh, and for the photography nerds, this is the first model and boudoir photoshoot I’ve done with my Fuji XT-1 and Zeiss 32mm 1.8.

These boudoir photos have a simple philosophy, and can be done anywhere. She has a small screened in porch that woods back up to, so I relied on her natural beauty with subtle makeup and natural light peeking through the trees to provide the appeal to these simple, yet sexy and elegant photos. Just think of that moment where she wakes up and eagerly faces the day that awaits….she wants to enjoy a cup of coffee and get some fresh air, and cover up just enough ๐Ÿ™‚ Unmistakable confidence, sex appeal, elegance, unabashed morning desire, and mystique.

Nashville boudoir photography Nashville boudoir photography

Nashville boudoir photography Boudoir photography Nashville

Boudoir photography Nashville

Valentines sexy boudoir photoshoot!

One of my recent boudoir photography sessions in my studio I am sharing in part here ๐Ÿ™‚ My client was doing this for her husband as a valentines day gift…she wanted some lingerieย  / boudoir photographs and some elegant implied nude. But understandably, she has to be mindful of what surfaces because of her emerging career. And commonly as I perform these photoshoots, many clients want to keep part or all of it private, between them and their significant other, which means nothing gets used on this site or blog without clearing it with them. Which is what I did here ๐Ÿ™‚

Before showing up at my studio, she had her hair and makeup done by a stylist I know, and she picked up some lingerie and bra and panty sets at Hustler Hollywood Nashville, adult novelty and lingerie store . She was a little nervous, understandably, so I worked with her on her form, and tried to help put her mind in a scenario where there was an un distracted and mysterious outing with her husband, and his anticipation of this wonderful gift. Her friend was present to help offer moral support, and was not a talkative distraction which is key. As we rolled along, we were having fun and laughing and the shoot was cruising along. The key for successful results for any boudoir or nude / intimate photographer is to establish trust and comfort with the subject, don’t make them feel more vulnerable, and help build their confidence. Communication, respect, and fun. Part of that is not truncating their body and using flattering angles, etc. Hope you enjoy! Here is a snippet of what this lucky man received ๐Ÿ™‚

Boudoir photographer Nashville Boudoir photographer Nashville boudoir photography Nashville, intimate photo Nashville

Recent reunion of long time model

I used to work with this young lady very frequently about 6 years ago, and a couple years following that. We would work together to sell licensing and art of nude photography, and one signature trademark of hers is the ability to really rock the facial expressions. Life happened, she got married and started a family, and in fact was anxious to once again grace the lens, and is working hard on getting herself physically ready……we did a shoot last week and this would serve as a keepsake gift for her significant other, as well as a confidence booster for her. She hasn’t lost a step, and still nails the facial expressions….and has some pretty mad hair and makeup skills as well! Good thing she came when the pool water was still warm LOL! It has been 5 years since we have worked together on any kind of nude or boudoir photography, and it looks like we picked up where we left off. A contrasting, but workable transition from the family photos we had been doing occasionally for her in recent years….enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Nashville boudoir photography

Nashville boudoir photographer

Nashville boudoir photography

Interpretations of boudoir photography

To summarize the meaning, it’s a French verb for changing room, boutique, bedroom setting where women got ready in their dresses, lingerie, etc. to feel beautiful, glamourous, and sexy. Inspired by the Renaissance era and it’s furniture. There are several photographers in the Nashville area specializing in boudoir photography and have furniture setups in their studio. Their version of boudoir is more traditional in the sense the subjects can be wearing dresses or lingerie but seldom more nude than that. Definitely a good market for this, but how do I stand out from the already formed studio rooms and makeup, outfits, etc.? I offer my own style that appeals more to the artsy taste of clients as opposed to glamour and tradition.

I like chicken, but lots of chicken restaurants around…..I prefer spicy chicken, so this is what makes me stand out with few competitors in my realm in my area. I believe in spicing up the mood and photography, through lighting and overall tone. My style is mystique, dramatic lighting, and focusing on the woman’s face, body shape, and individual regions of the body, in an artistic and tasteful style….and less about accessorizing. Less about the setting. More about the subject, that’s where where I can stand alone for glamorous female photography, implied nude photography, and artistic nude photography, right here in Nashville. The best compliment I can receive is customers coming from 100 plus miles away to have me photograph them for their milestone in life….new marriage, anniversary, a memoir for the overseas military husband, etc. That and when they tell me they feel comfortable working with me and don’t feel “naked” . It’s my job to be good at what I do, know and use flattering angles, and make it fun and comfortable to work with me. My version of boudoir is the spicy variety, even for clothed subjects which are always welcome too.

Nashville boudoir photography