New abandoned house and nude model

I was out with a fellow photographer friend who also loves abandoned buildings and houses, we were looking for an abandoned hospital I remember seeing in Madison, TN. and I remembered seeing some sign about tuberculosis, maybe something in my mind was foggy. But we found the hospital, or so I think, on Due West Ave. It was having work done, and being used in parts for other purposes I think, we saw no way in, so it was a bust. While on back roads, we accidentally found an abandoned house up on a hill, so we decided to investigate. It had appeared to be abandoned for minimum of 5 years. Inside wasn’t that interesting, wood grain paneling on the walls, and most everything was stripped.

I found the outside area most interesting, with the overgrown weeds, weathered paint under the carport workshop area, busted windows and a kitchen sink with cabinets under the carport…so I had a traveling nude model visiting from out of town and we were updating her nude photography modeling portfolio. I thought of this place to bring her. I love abandoned structures being the paths less traveled and not recognized. Plus the character and story they tell. First a few of the house 🙂

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Now, for the nude model outside the house, next article I will feature some artistic nude photos of her posing by the disheveled shed and gutted trailer, on the side of the property….this guy had a mini compound going on. Yup, there are several boudoir photographers in Nashville, but I make sure they are one of a kind, not like what the last client had 😉 Enjoy!! Oh, for photographer nerds, for the outdoor ones, I used an off camera strobe and a neutral density filter for added contrast and background exposure control.

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