Photoshop and the nude subject

When it comes to fine art photography, glamour photography, and boudoir photography, there are many different retouching styles used by the different photographers. This is my opinion, but here it is…..I often see boudoir and glamour photographers go crazy on skin smoothing / airbrush plugins, and over whitening teeth and eyes….and going hog wild fixing anything that resembles texture or anything real on a lady. To me that ruins the photo. Others may disagree. Here’s my take on it, and my personal approach to Photoshop.

Skin should have it’s natural texture. Photoshop is a great tool, but traces of your work shouldn’t be left. You know you screwed the pooch if people look at a photo subject and comment about how “Photoshopped” it is. My clients who hire me for my style of artistic nude or boudoir like my approach of giving them a little help, whether some skin blemish or stretch mark repairs, clean up under eyes, bikini area, a little tummy tuck in liquify etc. But I leave skin texture and you can’t tell repairs have been made. There are people out there that know much more than I do about Photoshop. But I am good at what I do know, and am very conscious about not leaving a trace. I’ve never had a client who wants to look fake, or not look like herself. My 2 cents, worth what you paid 🙂

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