Abandoned building photography

A lot of people appreciate the grit, texture, and character of abandoned building photography. Even some other photographers who haven’t photographed abandoned locations are fascinated with the concept and are curious about it. Some have even asked me location details. The one or two people I would share that with already know who they are, if they’re asking, chances are they aren’t one of them, lol. For good reasons.

abandoned house

Someone who doesn’t know the ropes with abandoned building photography, especially when bringing a model, it can be very dangerous. Someone still owns it, and doesn’t want people there because of liability and worry of further damage, etc. Also, I have seen people commenting about furniture, and they’d love to take it and restore it. Maybe that doesn’t mean they’d actually take it if they were there, but my first thought is something like this. People like you are why I don’t share locations. There is no written code, but for me, I don’t penetrate boarded windows or locks, I only enter if there is a way in without breaking in. I leave everything as I found it and never take anything, just out of principle. That helps preserve photographers’ reputations and if discovered at a location, we aren’t lumped in with thieves, vandals, vagrants, etc.


Many people like the photos but not the thought of what it takes to get them. Here are some inherent dangers that go with the territory.

-Squatters or other occupants, paint huffers. Though this isn’t often for me, give respect, get respect. Know when it’s time to leave.

-Weak floors and ceilings, mold, sharp objects and broken glass. Just a few of the goodies.

-Snakes and other vermin

-Risk of being confronted by owner or law enforcement. Again, if it happens, respect and clear intent. That code above helps them realize we aren’t there to harm anything or do illegal activity. If I’m in a remote area unfamiliar to me, and there are neighbors within eyeshot, I try to make contact so someone knows why I’m there. Beats getting shot.

-Weird energy. I hear the sound of a mourning dove and metal siding slapping in the breeze, but that can’t distract me because I have to keep my wits about me for other imminent dangers like falling through the floor, lol. It can feel eerie and lonely, but it’s a happy place for me. Some don’t need to try it.

abandoned factory

Life after people and one nude lady remains

This is the other part of the last shoot at the abandoned house, down the hill and off to the side was a rickety shed / mini barn and a gutted trailer home. Between those falling structures and the overgrown weeds and foliage, it made for the perfect canvas for some beautiful outdoor artistic nude photography with my model. With the dilapidated structures and overgrowth it made me think of a life after people concept. There was no sign of life around there, even tossed bottles. It looks as though that place had not been touched in years.

It could almost be like there was one survivor in the world after the big disaster that wiped out the population, she emerged from the depths and cleaned herself up, and is trying to assess damage and rebuild civilization…and feels a little peace when she sees at least something familiar stands. Or maybe she is just a fluid and well posed graceful nude model adding a touch of beauty to a troubled and neglected location. Like a diamond in the rough. Here are the photos, be inspired and conceptualize how you see fit 🙂

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Nude / implied nude photography in abandoned buildings

I recently had the pleasure of attending a mini photographers’ get together in the middle of the weeds, LOL. It was somewhere between Ashland City and Clarksville, TN. off on a private road…..was really neat, there were a couple abandoned houses, an abandoned cabin, and some really nice countryside. I’m a sucker for old and abandoned houses and buildings, and there is nothing like photographing a beautiful woman in a location like that….such great character and textures to use. Plus the diamond in the rough factor, the beautiful nude body of a woman and the character of an old or abandoned structure is such a nice contrast and compliment to one another. Like chocolate and peanut butter, LOL.

Sure, photographing nude, implied nude or lingerie in a posh location is nice. But to me it’s not as unique as capturing the female body in a location in distress. This was an abandoned cabin that was part of a childrens’ home. I will share a few photos of the scenery, as well as a couple beautiful natural window light photos of my dear friend Brandi, who has posed for me and done makeup for me over the years, and hadn’t seen in a while. I felt inspired after this meet and greet, these things are great for an artist’s soul when our vision feels renewed, I hope you enjoy!

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