So, who’s in the images on the Farrell gallery site?

I thought this would be an important subject to bring up, because a good portion of clients getting intimate / nude photos made want to keep them private and off the web, understandably. They aren’t out to be models and possibly risk problems in their family life or career, etc. Here is an explanation of where my images on Farrell Gallery come from, and how I keep images discreet for clients upon request.

Most of the images on my site are models I either hired or decided to barter shoot with, to sell photos or art prints of, in exchange for their signing of my commercial model release. The only clients who came to me for an intimate / nude photo session who are on the site are those who specifically give me permission to do so. Those wishing to keep their photos private stay off the web and my print portfolios. Honoring clients’ requests and needs are part of what makes a professional photographer. Also I have made it a studio policy not to release any digital images or prints of that session to anyone else, including the client’s significant other, without her saying so. I had this request once from the boyfriend of the client three months after her shoot, that was supposed to be partly for him. He wanted to purchase prints or digital files, I forget which. But I wouldn’t do it until I got word from her. Good thing I didn’t, she told me they had a bad breakup and he was likely trying to use the photos as a weapon against her, even though they were artfully done, still, not a good thing. With that said, I take every precaution I can to respect the comfort and privacy of each client.

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