Searching for an abandoned town

It was a warm and indecisive early November day for a road trip I took with two friends who are fellow abandoned building enthusiasts. Indecisive as in the sun would be in and out of hiding all day, challenging conditions to work in and properly meter exposures. But certain challenges hone our skills and sharpen them. As we were searching for an abandoned town, we looked along the way for opportunities as we began our journey on back roads instead of interstate. The very first thing we saw was a building facade, basically the front shell and we felt it was worth a look.

abandoned building abandoned building

Then down a lonely stretch of two lane road, we saw something. Was it a bar? Restaurant? Whatever it was, it was no more. No way inside, unfortunately. But we spent a few moments exploring and then moved on. It had some interesting colors and textures. I love the lonely and desolate mood of the first one below especially.

abandoned tennessee abandoned tennessee

I liked the contrast of colors here, many wouldn’t ever know an abandoned building was part of this. I could probably sell prints of this at an art show, lol.

abandoned tennessee abandoned tennessee abandoned tennessee

I was thinking maybe I can get the recliner, old tire, and the old satellite dish in the photo and create an interesting perspective. More to come, I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning part of our journey as we’re searching for an abandoned town. Or so we thought. More on that coming soon, stay tuned!!

abandoned tennessee

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