Satisfaction of delivering boudoir album

I was so happy with the outcome of the black leather book from Artisan State, artistic nude photography album for a private client….I received it, and did all the needed proofing to make sure the design and printing, binding etc were all up to par. I absolutely loved it, and so badly wish I could post photos of the boudoir  / nude album. But soon will do a shoot with a nude model and make a studio sample album I can share 🙂 Private clients have family and career related concerns and need discretion.

I had the album carefully packed in the box….it fit inside my backpack, I got on the motorcycle on the nice Spring day and delivered it to the client, who would soon present it to her husband as a special gift. As I was enjoying the sun and fresh air, cruising along, I thought about the shadow play and high contract black and white implied and nude images from the studio….and images from inside their beautiful home with the natural ambient light hugging the curves of her body. A capture of the natural morning desire of his woman waking up and getting out of bed, seeing her bare hip exposed as she pulls the sheets back, and it goes from there….even see her walking across the floor nude as she gets in the shower after some stretching and looking out the window….all things that should get his motor running and always be able to preserve the love, attraction, and intimacy between them. I feel a great reward knowing I can help them keep that alive 🙂

artistic nude photography

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