Roadside motel series- part 3

We went back and forth about that bedspread from the 1990’s, do we leave it or not….we both agreed there would be a certain charm with it to compliment the also dated room. But also wanted to change the mood of the photos a little and a simple neutral bedspread works better for this. There is a nice mix here of contortionist poses that signify a classic artistic nude work of art, and a bit more alluring but natural candid feel of photos.

fine art nude

artistic nude

Of course with private clients who haven’t done this before, I would keep it basic but yet creative and elegant. Below is a perfect example. Candid, confident, sexy, upbeat, and easy to position the subject. I love natural looking elegant nudes where the subject feels at ease, when they don’t it shows in the photos.

nude photography nashville

classy nude photography

Now we shift to a vertical base, all relatively easy looks to pull off for any client, done uniquely with each unique subject of course. These are all as primal as photography can get. A model, a camera and lens, and a window.

artistic nude

female nude

artistic nude

natural beauty nude

intimate photos nashville

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roadside motel series, be on the lookout for more 🙂 To book your personal session, trust Nashville’s fine art nude and boudoir photographer for a fun and flattering photoshoot!

2 thoughts on “Roadside motel series- part 3

  1. Many thanks for your exquisite and tasteful shoots. Much more thanks are due for shooting models who keep the “classic” look of “coverage” in that sacred spot!!!

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