Residential setting intimate photoshoot

I re-convened with a freelance model friend who needed a portfolio update. She seems to shine in outdoor and domestic settings, isn’t as much into abandoned spots as I am, LOL! So we decided to do this fun and difficult challenge. A residential setting intimate photoshoot. She shares a house with 2 others, and we thought we’d use it. Her room she was afraid wasn’t usable because it was an attic bedroom. I keep telling everyone, where there is a subject, there is a photograph. Light and compose around what you do and do not want to show of the setting. I like challenges because that is what keeps skills honed, and it will for both the photographer and subject. Here is a backyard shed that had some interesting texture.

Nashville sexy photo

sexy photos

Next we did some implied nude in a bedroom setting, for simple but sexy. Nothing but a camera, the two of us, and a Westcott Ice Light with barn doors. The key is to keep the flow of the hair and body natural, and not look contrived.

Nashville boudoir

I like the playful energy, and intimate feel to these. I hope you enjoy this mini series with model Kaila 😀 You’re welcome.


implied nude

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