Problems with inexperienced boudoir photographers

The culprits are the Groupon boudoir photography deals….sure, we all love a great deal, but these types of photos require a special skill set. Not some dork who owns a camera. LOL. Everyone has to start somewhere, sure. New law students can’t take cases yet. The best way for fine art figure photographers, nude or boudoir, to learn is by understanding the body, angles, posing, and working with different body types, avoiding unflattering angles etc. As well as learning lighting, what lighting to use to create a certain mood or what lighting to use with a specific subject. Position of hands, neck, etc. are also small details that affect the overall mood of the photo a lot. Lens choice is also a factor, as far as different body types. It’s best for new glamour, boudoir, or nude art photographers to learn these theories, as well as learn from experienced models, who help them understand what angles work and what doesn’t. Starting off with experienced models will teach them a lot, and it’s the best way to learn technique and form, before entering the free market as a glamour, nude or boudoir photographer.

I still work with models for portfolio development and updating….but most of my clients are women who don’t normally do this, and need direction. I have had many clients who do extremely well with minimal direction, the biggest asset is not always experience in their case….but willingness to try, and take positive direction on set. Giving these subjects a little direction, helping them pose and shooting around their body type and best angles, and making it a fun, comfortable experience. Models know what to do, are more comfortable doing it, and have fewer limiting angles. This is why photographers marketing themselves to the wife, or girlfriend, and not just the nude model, should be knowledgeable in these areas. Poorly executed intimate photos can result in an uncomfortable experience for an already nervous and vulnerable client. Not to mention cause self esteem issues. Mothers with body changes or postpartum depression is a whole other twist to this conversation. There’s no room for error. It needs to be a comfortable, positive experience for them, flattering photos, and discretion.

I’ve heard some people say, oh anyone could take a sexy photograph of a sexy woman…..let me fix that for you. Anyone can butcher the hell out of a sexy woman’s photo. When self confidence, comfort, overall experience, and sexy photos that her significant other will treasure are the goal, it pays to choose wisely and avoid inexperienced photographers.

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