Tips, preparing for nude or intimate photoshoot

The best nude models I have worked with are very careful about taking care of their skin and body. A combination of balanced healthy diet, skin care, exercise, stretching, and getting enough rest. Not everyone doing a boudoir / intimate photoshoot needs to make it a full time gig, but I’m just sharing what goes into it for those who do. No one is perfect, but I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to do the best we can to take care of the only body we have. With that said, I will share some tips that can help the every day wife or girlfriend prepare for their shoot.

It’s proven that drinking enough water and refraining from smoking cigarettes helps the skin and overall health. Stretching is also critical. Some poses and angles may not be easy or comfortable, this will help your flexibility and reduce soreness after the shoot. Express any concerns you have with your photographer. Remember, this is a very personal service. They should listen to you and help you, and have the best results in their interest. Leading up to the shoot, I definitely suggest proper diet (not starve yourself), drinking enough water, stretching and exercise. Also avoid spray tanning and even tanning booths within a few days of the shoot. I hate what tanning does to skin anyhow. Nothing like some speckled leather, lol. Practice and move in the mirror, don’t be afraid how great or stupid you might think it looks. Be your beautiful self and be unabashed. This will loosen you up come the day of the shoot. These things help you mentally and physically prepare for your shoot. Lastly, the day of the shoot, avoid any bras or panties that leave marks on your skin. Wear loose fitting clothes to the shoot, this way no marks are left. If needed, talk to your aesthetician about how to avoid bumps or irritation / razor stubble in the bikini area. I hope this helps….now let’s make some art 🙂

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