Pre photo shoot consultations

One thing that may help ladies coming to me for nude or boudoir photoshoots, to ease their mind / nervousness is to have a consultation in person or on the phone. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about the vision of the shoot, procedures, and tell the photographer any specific ideas or themes you have in mind for your personal photo shoot. It helps to carefully review my work on the site as well, and note which attributes of my work that you are most passionate about being used for your project. For example, do you feel most drawn to on location shoots? Window light? Background textures? Outdoor? Studio setting with dramatic lighting and shadows? Full body? Bodyscape images with some mystique and anonymity? Bedroom settings?

This is also your opportunity to see my work in print, and make your desires known about keeping images private, or if you are ok with any of them being used on the site. I would ask you what the intended purpose of this intimate photoshoot is, for example a gift for husband or significant other, etc. In the planning process, I may ask a few questions about your relationship. No, I’m not doing it to be weird, LOL. It helps me conceptualize, and any information about things he likes, about your body most, or expressions you make, etc. (without getting overly personal of course) helps set the stage for a successful photoshoot. And pack the punch you hoped to 🙂 This communication helps you prepare for and be comfortable, and be excited for the photoshoot.

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