Nude / implied nude photography in abandoned buildings

I recently had the pleasure of attending a mini photographers’ get together in the middle of the weeds, LOL. It was somewhere between Ashland City and Clarksville, TN. off on a private road…..was really neat, there were a couple abandoned houses, an abandoned cabin, and some really nice countryside. I’m a sucker for old and abandoned houses and buildings, and there is nothing like photographing a beautiful woman in a location like that….such great character and textures to use. Plus the diamond in the rough factor, the beautiful nude body of a woman and the character of an old or abandoned structure is such a nice contrast and compliment to one another. Like chocolate and peanut butter, LOL.

Sure, photographing nude, implied nude or lingerie in a posh location is nice. But to me it’s not as unique as capturing the female body in a location in distress. This was an abandoned cabin that was part of a childrens’ home. I will share a few photos of the scenery, as well as a couple beautiful natural window light photos of my dear friend Brandi, who has posed for me and done makeup for me over the years, and hadn’t seen in a while. I felt inspired after this meet and greet, these things are great for an artist’s soul when our vision feels renewed, I hope you enjoy!

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