Nudes at abandoned theater

I had an impromptu reconvening with a past muse who entered the fold once again. It was interesting and fun to be re connected. She had tossed the idea around of shooting again after life happened, I agreed that was a brilliant idea. We both like distressed and abandoned locations, and the life after people vibe. So, without further adieu, I bring you some lovely artistic nudes at abandoned theater series. You’re welcome.

Nudes at abandoned theater

Ok, some are partially clothed and implied nude as well. It’s good to switch it up sometimes too. It appeared we didn’t have company, but do you ever really know? There are always miscellaneous littered items, and sometimes signs of residency. We’re just passing through, nothing to see here.

implied nude


Is this the stairway to heaven? It goes to nowhere, but it depends which way you take when you reach the top I suppose.

stairway to nowhere

implied nude

I didn’t have to do much in post production. I used a neutral density filter on my lens, think of it as sunglasses over the lens. Makes the background darker and I light the subject with a bare strobe to expose her. All I changed really was the toning.

implied nude

Is there a spot available next to you? Imagine if this were still a public place, society isn’t ready for that yet. One day we may evolve.

bare bottom

figure study


I really like figure study nude photography, we decided to use the landscape and textures to blend her body in with it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Nudes at abandoned theater series!

figure nude

artistic nude

Sun, shadow, texture, mood, curves, shape, all key ingredients to a great art nude photograph. I love the continual challenge to see and document something new with each personal photoshoot. The most dangerous place to stay is in the comfort zone and to spend so much time on the set that you fail to see the subject.


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