Nude and the abandoned

As promised, I am back with some fine art nudes with a new muse, Shelby. In the same abandoned house from previous article where my friend and I went hunting around for. Nude and the abandoned is the perfect marriage of soft elegant beauty, and disheveled distress.

Nude and the abandoned

artistic nude

fine art nude

figure nude

I love the textures of the room and the sun peaking through the windows and doors, gently kissing the curves of her body. The mystique and shadow play, soft skin, and destruction around her is the perfect contrast that makes my favorite art form. The combination of nude and the abandoned is truly magical. I was glad to be able to bring Shelby to this house to see how it translates to a human subject / muse. When you find these houses, you sometimes have to act fast.


nude silhouette

Nashville nude

It’s hard to pick a favorite from this series, but it was a fun time, and it didn’t take super long. Two hours tops are how long I spend on intimate photoshoots, no reason to drag it out, it’s exhausting for the subject. Plus it would get redundant. I’d rather think out the best ones and budget time wisely than shoot all day and get lost in it. Kindof like thinking more when you stand to waste film. Work smart, not hard I suppose is the end theory?

nude bodyscape

artistic nude Nashville

artistic nude

I hope you’ve enjoyed this nude and the abandoned series. Certain rooms, the floors and doorways were treacherous, but that’s part of the game. One reason why abandoned work is safer viewed than attempted by those not used to them. I think Shelby rocked it, who wants to see another shoot with her? Private clients are scheduled in near future, but will do more muse series photoshoots like this, as time allows. Thanks for viewing, stay tuned!

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