Natural light and mystique

One of the things going through my mind when doing boudoir photos or nude photography is to create a mood and an element of fantasy. Most of these intimate photo sessions are to be presented to a spouse or significant other in form of prints or a boudoir album….most people are busy, and even as married couples, they can get into a routine and miss certain beauty, during simple yet magical moments. The results from a artistic nude or boudoir photography session can be a reminder to recognize these moments when they happen, and make time to enjoy it 🙂

artistic nude Nashville

This last artistic nude photoshoot was done in the clients’ home, beautiful bedroom to help create that intimate, yet familiar mood. I used natural window lit to get a nice balance of highlights and shadows, and create that dramatic feel. The ones I can show on this site do not show her entire face, for professional reasons, but there was a nice balance of full body and face, as well as bodyscape. The bodyscapes and partial face create that mystique and interesting shapes that make great art. In pure and simple form. To remind the recipient of how their lover opens the blinds in the morning, and the sun hits her body and lights her hair….and how the light gently caresses her nude butt walking across the bedroom. Those special moments will be recognized more, after being presented with the gift of intimate boudoir photography.

art nude photography

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