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Not long ago, I had a private client come to Nashville from out of state for an artistic nude photoshoot at a beautiful luxury hotel. I wish I could share those photos with you, but she’s a pretty high profile career woman, and can’t have it leaked. I just finished a beautiful album for her, that would be an anniversary and Valentines Day gift for her husband. She felt comfortable trusting my work, and confidentiality and deemed it worth the trip. I’m so glad she did! When doing any kind of intimate photoshoot whether boudoir, implied nude, or nude, I like to break the ice to make the situation comfortable and fun. And help the subjects feel less vulnerable and more excited and inspired.

We’re in the middle of Winter and I hate cold weather, and during any holiday downtime, and cold nights, I have done some catching up on good movies. We got on the movie subject as we were talking and working on the shoot. She was saying her and her husband have a great appreciation for the arts and wish they themselves were more artistic, but the right movies inspire them. We had the best time at our photoshoot, and finding that conversation kept the positive momentum going and prevented awkward silence. PLUS, my client said she didn’t even feel “naked” because it was a fun and comfortable experience, even though she had never done that before. She asked me, as an artist, what movies I have watched lately have inspired me because they would probably like them. Without giving it away, I made a few good movie recommendations. The movies that have been forgotten or never got much press are sometimes the best ones, IMO. Let’s not forget about Indy films. Some I stumbled upon, others got recommended to me by a friend who knows what type of movies I like. Here are a few recommendations, can be found on Netflix or on demand, possibly Red Box, or even a used DVD and music store, that often works out cheaper than rentals. All drama films.

Indy- Me and you and everyone we know

-Henry Poole Is Here


-Station Agent


-Lars and the real girl

Take advantage of the crappy weather and curl up with these movies, let me know how you like them 🙂

Implied nude photography

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