Model safety, not bringing a stooge

Now that the title got your attention 🙂 This pertains more to independent freelance models as opposed to commercial / agency models but the process is the same when it comes to safety and diligence. In the commercial or fashion world where the models are booked through agencies, it’s up to the agency to do the vetting of any prospective client and negotiate the terms and usage of the shoot. It’s called common sense and diligence. A freelance / nude model has to do the same thing.

Sometimes when young ladies first start out with freelance or nude modeling, their first reaction is to insist on bringing an escort or chaperone to the shoot to ensure their safety. From a layman’s standpoint, it makes sense doesn’t it? They are shooting with a photographer they don’t really know, and they are taking precautions to remain safe. Right? Rubbish! I will explain why it’s the lazy and detrimental approach. The best way to check someone’s credibility is to look at their work first. Looking at their work and how it presents, logic should prevail and tell you a lot about that photographer. Also how they conduct themselves during the communication / messaging process. Seeing who they have worked with, and checking references if you still aren’t sure never hurts.

You should communicate clearly about the terms of the shoot, compensation or photos provided, locations and time frames of the shoot as well as time frame of image delivery if applicable. Be friendly but stay on point and on topic. Telling someone close to you where you will be and having the photographer’s information is a wise move. Now I will get into why escorts and boyfriends being brought to the shoot are not the solution, and will cost you opportunities. Many of the better photographers don’t put up with it, because they know the potential pitfalls.

-You can verify me. If you don’t feel safe shooting with me, save us both a headache and stay home.

-We cannot verify your escort who is brought into our home or commercial studios. Is he a thief, of a jealous violent thug? Drama we don’t need.

-It doubles the risk of a cancellation if the escort cannot make it.

-They really don’t want to be there, and the model can become occupied with entertaining them or having to leave to accommodate them.

-Even if a female escort, I’ve had some who don’t know when to shut up. It’s my set. Their opinions aren’t needed unless I ask. Some don’t understand that lol.

-Jealous boyfriends etc. can ruin the mood of the shoot, and really prevent the model (especially an inexperienced model) from forming a good working bond with the photographer.

-Those outside the industry don’t know how to behave on set. Behavior or vibes can ruin the creative process of the shoot.

-I don’t need the model worrying about their boyfriend or looking to them for approval as I direct them. Leave your insecure relationship issues at home, this is my time you are wasting with this crap. Would you want me arguing or paying attention to my girlfriend when I am supposed to be photographing you? You get the point.

Here is a good article written by an experienced traveling model, Madame Bink. It’s better to research instead of making your own rules when you don’t know how a business operates. Good luck!

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