Mens’ vs. womens’ nudes and boudoir

I received an inquiry about doing some artistic male nudes, wanting them for a present for his wife. I’m definitely not opposed to doing so. Contrary to popular belief of those not involved in an artistic field….doing nude photography isn’t about the artist’s sexuality, since it’s hands off and you gain a shady reputation if you cross the line or make a subject uncomfortable. I’m secure enough in my sexuality however to not be freaked out by a nude male. I had to think about my response however. I do plenty of male and female headshots, whether for modeling, business, or acting, etc. Male models and musicians too. Nudes are a different animal.

I had to be honest with him. My training and experience are with capturing the female form. Lighting and composition, etc. are different. With males, you can get away with harder lighting, which I am proficient in. But I don’t have much experience with the male form. The little male nude work I have done looks a little feminine, you accentuate different features and the angles, moods, etc. are different. Especially when posed by himself….with a couple I can rock that!! I had to tell him I’m willing to do it, but don’t feel like my skill set is up to par as it is with capturing the female form with nude or boudoir photography. And left it up to him. Honesty pays.

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