Memoirs of early adolescence

Recently I’ve spoken with different friends about their experiences with their adolescent kids. I had to recall my own memoirs of early adolescence for it to make sense. What blog besides Farrell Gallery has more random ramblings and honest viewpoints? Well, probably tons of them, but they’re not as cool, so we’re running with this. Some random thoughts on this may help clear up these mysteries from a former adolescent boy, about the early teen years.

farm house

-We were growing into our bodies and felt awkward.

-Sexuality was coming, but we didn’t know what it really meant yet, and it was frustrating.

-We wanted more independence, but knew we didn’t have all the answers yet. But not to worry, at 16-17, you know everything. Then a few years later, you realize you don’t know shit. The more you live, the less you think you know. But the younger you are, the more you think you know. It’s like being in a maze with no way out.

-We didn’t like much conversation or questions because things were changing for us, and we either didn’t know the answer or thought no one would understand. Just because our parents went through it means nothing, because it was soooo long ago, and people had different genetic makeup or something. Yeah, that must be it!

-Social pressure and looking uncool means life is over.

-Chores to earn an allowance was such hard work, no one understands.

-Being given the choices when prioritizing can be both a good thing and an unbearable pressure. It was like being given enough rope to hang ourselves with, because everything was a paradox.

-One of the best memoirs of early adolescence….what the F is with these zits? What if she says no to the prom? She might tell her friends and then I’d have to move to Nome, Alaska because my life here is over! Thankfully it was a short phase. Very frustrating one, lol.


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