Magnetic personality

I was out with a friend, after we saw a movie we stopped at a restaurant in a fairly trendy area. Most of the servers were young, a mix between guys and gals….our server was an older gentleman, maybe mid 50’s, long hair, but there was something unique about his personality. He was very outgoing, and helpful, wanted to make sure we were clear on the menu, etc. The drinks came quickly, you could tell he wanted us to enjoy our experience. We thought, wow, this guy is already going above and beyond, without being annoying, a hard balance to achieve for a server.

I made some small talk with him, because he had such a magnetic personality, I had to know his story. It was unusual to see an older male server, but I thought at the same time how cool it is, and he is using his personality to connect with diners. The unfair thing, is a cute young female who is average at her job will make the same tips probably, LOL. He knew that. He was healing from a divorce out of State, and came to Nashville for the opportunity and a fresh start, his 2 kids are grown. So you know he’s dealing with some pain inside, but is taking a positive approach to work through it. He gets healing through being around people and making their experience a positive one and puts pride in what he does. Something rarely seen. I believe in generous tipping, this guy got a very good one from us. All it takes is some kindness and attentiveness for people to appreciate you sometimes 🙂

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