Looking back and moving forward

One thing that’s very important to me as an artist is taking some time to regroup and reflect, mental and spiritual. Even if it’s a day getaway, beach vacation, or even visiting a major city to explore and photograph street scenes that inspire me. I like to use quiet time during these times away, even if it’s a motorcycle ride and hike right in the Nashville area, to just think about where I’m at and what is going on in life. Celebrate the successes of the past, and think of how to make mistakes right again, and move on to the future, as well as helping shape the future with what I’ve learned. I also think about what I would like to do photography wise in the near future, as far as studio improvements, what I can do with lighting for upcoming bookings, These things help prevent stagnation in both a personal and spiritual level, as well as on a professional level for the artist. I imagine this doesn’t just apply to artists and fine art photographers, etc. But any human being and working professional.

Many may argue they don’t have time, or can’t put their life aside long enough to shut the phones off and regroup. How sad. I don’t have much spare time either, but I make the most of what I have and use it wisely. And putting these practices in my life really helps keep the drama out, and keeps me better focused. So it really pays dividends, and keeps you more productive when you are working.

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