What to look for in boudoir photographer

With boudoir photographers, there are lots of choices….some have boutique studios and do great work….some, their studio is their saving grace, because they obviously don’t know a damn thing about capturing the female form, or photography itself, LOL. Also, there are those with no studio or basic studios, of different skill sets. I think either way, it’s important to hire a good boudoir or artistic nude photographer, for the most flattering angles and overall comfortable experience, as well as best self esteem preservation.

I think the most common mistakes made when hiring an intimate photographer are worrying too much about their gender, and their studio props. It’s funny how some get so inundated with that, they don’t even see if their work sucks ass. My particular style is simplistic but very detailed with my lighting and composition. If the client wants a certain setting, we use their home or a boutique hotel…problem solved.

Red flags in their work are :

-Unflattering angles. Whether a female shooter or not….what’s this going to do to your self esteem? Do it right if you’re going to do it.

– Overdoing the retouch process. Do you really want to look like a china doll? Gross.

-Dated hair and makeup transformations that don’t look like the real them, eww.

You get the idea. It’s best to keep an open mind and carefully view their work and have a conversation with your prospective artist. Then you can gauge comfort and vision for your personal photoshoot, and feel like a beauty queen when you see the results 🙂


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