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This is a different part of the safety discussion than the whole tired escort debate, bringing butthurt boyfriends and chatty friends to save models from the big ogre evil pants photographers, le sigh, LOL. But more rather physical safety for both the model and photographer at the location. Basic location photoshoot safety. My particular choice of locations makes this a pertinent discussion in that extreme I suppose. It’s my job as a project coordinator and photographer to prepare my subjects for potential hazards. That by the way a location like this isn’t my pick for every client or model, it doesn’t fit everyone’s look or the end result styling they’re going for.

edgy model

I’m no white knight who has to over protect the damsels in distress….they’re not children and I don’t treat them like it or mollycoddle them. But I’ve seen photographers ask models to get in cold or nasty water with no thought of them getting sick or hurt, etc. Total other extreme…That’s tool-ish. But some care should be given. When I use these abandoned and distressed locations, sure it’s fun and creates a dramatic mood to the photos, as well as a nice contrast with the beauty of the female form and subject matter. But there are dangers. Debris, broken glass, nails, needles, etc. strewn about the floor….nails sticking out of the walls, etc. exposed hazardous materials etc. Poking, cutting, or falling hazards exist. I always let them know that possibility and look over the shooting area we are using before bringing them in. But they know the risks. And we together determine they’re worth the reward. I encourage them to be very careful about where they go barefoot or not do it at all. Just a little chivalry and not to the point of knighthood. 😀

2 thoughts on “Location photoshoot safety

  1. Jay,

    Great post. It’s commendable that you take your models welfare seriously. The fact that they are willing to pose is one thing. Pose nude is another and pose outdoors in locations that although beautiful on film, pose there own hidden hazards. You create an aide of calm and safety between model and photographer! This shows in all the photos that I have seen.

    Not only do you pick and capture great shots, but you always have some very alluring and photogenic models…PERIOD!!!

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    • Thanks Michael! It seems humanitarian to be sensitive to other human needs, especially given my field and vulnerability of my subject matter. But going “too safe” borders on boring. It’s the balance and focusing on the shoot when shooting, and assessing first. Thanks for reading 🙂

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