Less is more

I truly believe that less is more with many things in life. With photos, it’s better to have fewer images that are well lit, well composed, and have a flattering angle and mood. With boudoir and artistic nude photography, the subject is vulnerable. So why would she want the lot of images floating around that don’t measure up to the standards of the best ones? Less is more. You could compare this analogy to how one keeps friends. The natural order of life, when we are growing up and in early adulthood, we have a greater number of friends…..but learn along the way the traits that we need in a friend, and what is unacceptable. We learn how to love, give, and trust, and learn who not to trust.

Earlier today while going for a morning walk to the post office, I thought about a group of friends who I ran around with for a couple good years, this was years ago, and I have only some idea what became of any of them at this point. We did everything together….went river rafting, cooked out, went out to clubs, took trips, camped, had bottle rocket wars in a campground where fireworks were illegal, lol….we all were very different but came together with a common goal. We used our differences in background to help each other grow and overcome obstacles in all our lives and the transitions each of us experienced. There just came a time where we all were going in different directions, and perhaps we accomplished all we could, together. And some or all of us were ready to find out what was next. It’s sad how in life, sometimes people we care about can’t come along with us as life changes…perhaps their lives are moving in an opposite direction.

My point is, some friends in our lives stand by our side forever. Those are few and far between and should be cherished. Others fall by the wayside or fall on their faces. I’ve become ok with my closest friends being fewer in number than they used to, but each one counts to more than make up for it. I use this benchmark for all I do in life, I like it so far. 🙂


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