Kentucky backroads

My buddy and fellow abandoned building photographer, Jerry and I set out on another abandoned adventure in South Central Kentucky. While driving these Kentucky backroads on a warm January day, it had an eerie feel with the overcast and windy conditions. We had already been to a couple places, but this one in particular was one of the more memorable spots. You don’t find places like this in city limits. You have to go fairly deep in rural areas. Sure, most small Southern towns have hospitable people. But there are also those who don’t appreciate outsiders poking around, or trust them. So, there’s a certain danger that goes with this type of adventure.

abandoned Kentucky abandoned house

Most normal people would look at the fallen wreckage and not even consider going in. I’m not a normal person. Like always, I was just very careful where I walked. Earlier that day, Jerry’s foot fell through the floor of another abandoned house. We’re talking about a seasoned abandoned building photographer, not some jabroni with a camera. Sometimes even while taking the right precautions, the unexpected can happen.

abandoned house abandoned houae kentucky farm house abandoned farm house

I loved the many layers of wall, between plaster, board, wallpaper, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if this house has been abandoned for 4 decades or more. There were blocks on each corner of the house, reminiscent of many 1800’s and turn of the 20th century farm houses. It seems a bit dicey, but it still stands, so who can deny it?

abandoned kentucky abandoned kentucky

I thought this chair was once behind the console TV below, but who knows.

old barn kentucky backroads abandoned house

I wonder how many times the man of the house yelled to the kids to adjust the rabbit ears. Now being almost directly under this overhang was slightly eerie. But, anything for the shot. We keep saying that a good strong wind will blow this and the house over, but there is nothing there to stop the wind. This dilapidated house is still more solid than it looks apparently.

abandoned house forgotten house abandoned house Abandoned Kentucky

I hope you enjoyed, more from the Kentucky backroads later.

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